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Gluten-Free and Allergy-Friendly Restraunt [Cauldra. and Tenshi-no Oyatsu](Hagi -no shoten)


For some people, such a common desire to enjoy a meal with others is difficult to fulfill due to health or other reasons. Many people may have almost given up eating out when there are multiple foods they cannot eat.
In the midst of all this, a dreamlike café-restaurant that is “gluten-free and allergy-friendly” and offers “rice-flour bread that is just like wheat bread” has opened in Chuo-ku, Sapporo City.

It has two signs: “Rice-flour bread” and “Delicious café.”

Two signs and a simple banner are landmarks.

The store is located along Route 230 leading from Chuo-ku, Sapporo to Jozankei.
The shop is marked by a sign that simply reads, “We have rice-flour bread and a delicious café.
is a landmark of Hagi-no Shoten.

Looking up, you can see two signs: one is a green sign that reads “Cauldra. One is a green sign that reads “Cauldra.” The other is a sign that reads “Tenshi-no Oyatsu” with a cute illustration of an angel on it.

Why two signs?

It is because this store has two faces: the café-restaurant “Cauldra.” and the rice-flour bread bakery “Tenshi no Oyatsu (It means “angel’s snack).

Incidentally, the store name “Hagi no Shoten” was named after the store that originally stood here.
And since that former store was a “rice shop,” I can’t help but think what wonderful roots it has.

From an official Instagram post.
Please click here to read about the store that originally existed.

The owner and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Sasaya, have lovely smiles and say, “‘Delicious for everyone’ is the theme of our restaurant.

What kind of restaurant is this?
What kind of menu do they have?
In this issue, the writer asked the couple a few questions about their restaurant and its menu, and the answers are as follows.

Cafe-restaurant “Cauldra.
Rice-flour bread bakery “Tenshi no Oyatsu” (Angel’s Snack)

I would like to introduce them separately.

No allergenic foods (8 items), yet a wide variety of menu items! Cauldra.

A set of special offers are available at different times of the day.

When you open the entrance door, you will see the cash register counter in front of you, and further along the counter, you will find a relaxing cafe space.

After taking a seat and flipping through the menu, you will see many delicious-looking pictures of hamburgers, pasta, seasonal gratins, and more.
It is surprising to learn that none of them contain any of the eight specified ingredients.
(8 items => wheat, dairy products, eggs, shrimp, crab, buckwheat noodles, peanuts, and walnuts. (You can check the ingredients for each menu item on the official website listed at the bottom of the article.)

The restaurant is vertically secluded, allowing for a relaxed and calm atmosphere.

Basically, all dishes can be ordered from 8:00 a.m., when the restaurant opens, until 5:30 p.m., when the last order is taken. However, there are special value sets available at different times of the day: morning (8-11 a.m.), lunch (11-14 p.m.), and afternoon (14-17:30 p.m.).

On the day of the photo shoot, we were served the restaurant’s popular menu item, a 100% lamb hamburger steak (¥1,200 for an individual dish).

Lunch includes soup and Tenshi no Oyatsu special rice flour bread or waffles or rice with brown rice.

I thought it would be delicious to have rice flour bread with the sauce, but since I took out the bread this time, I chose rice here.
It is also kindly mixed with brown rice (^^)

I wondered what 100% lamb meat would be like. I wondered, “What does 100% lamb meat feel like?” and then I finally entered the hot hamburger steak cooked in a skillet.

The surface has just the right amount of elasticity, but the knife goes right in. The juices were pouring out from the inside.

The texture is achieved by kneading well without using any glue.

While retaining a satisfying texture, the taste is very delicate, despite its wild appearance. The use of herbs and spices in this dish gives it a refreshing aftertaste that leaves a lasting impression on the tongue.

As a side note, the cheddar cheese on the hamburger steak is made from coconut oil and is not a dairy product.

I must admit that I thought it was cheese until I finished it.

Lunch that day came with pumpkin soup. It was seasoned to match the dish and was not too rich or sweet, which I liked very much.

The owner, a chef, is constantly researching how to transform ordinary food into allergy-friendly food.

Cauldra.’s cuisine is prepared by the owner who, after graduating from culinary school, honed his skills at a restaurant in the city.
Since the onset of his wife’s food allergies, he has developed a menu that can be enjoyed by everyone, whether they have food restrictions or not.

Bolognese spaghetti (1,100 yen for a single dish) served on a different day. The pasta is made from organic corn and organic rice flour.

The name of the restaurant, “Cauldra.” is a created word, which means “cauldron,” derived from the Spanish word “caldera.

I thought it was a wonderful name that also connects to Hagi Shoten’s theme of “deliciousness for everyone,” as in the phrase “eating out of the same pot.

Rice-flour bread that looks like wheat bread! Bakery “Tenshi-no Oyatsu

A space lined with carefully handmade rice-flour bread and baked goods. Sometimes sold out in the evening.

Lined up on the left-hand side of the store are a variety of rice-flour breads and baked goods such as cookies and biscotti.
Of course, all of them are gluten-free and do not contain any of the eight specified ingredients.

If you enter the store without any prior information, you may think at first glance that the bread is made of wheat. The display shelves looked as if they were made of wheat bread.

While there are still very few stores that sell gluten-free bread made entirely from rice flour, I was surprised to see such a “normal” looking bread that I can buy on a daily basis!

What is more surprising is that the texture is just as delicious as wheat bread.
For those who have given up on wheat bread for health reasons, this store is truly a “savior” (^^).

If you have ever eaten or tried to make rice-flour bread, I think you will be even more impressed by the high level of perfection….

The wife of the owner of Tenshi no Otsu (Angel’s Snack) was originally an enthusiastic lover of wheat bread.
Her love of bread led her to work at a bakery, where she developed an allergy to wheat herself. She was unable to eat her favorite bread, which led her to research and develop breads that even people with wheat restrictions can eat.

*Instagram that conveys the soft atmosphere of the creator.

The rice-flour bread, which took about six years to develop, is offered in about 25 varieties, including mini loaves that go well with meals, side dishes, and snack breads, which change daily.
The breads are sold together with baked goods such as biscotti and cookies, and are often in short supply in the evening hours.

The rice-flour bread and snacks we took home this time.

Bread and baked goods to take home. The easy-to-buy price range is great: potato salad bread 260 yen, biscotti 250 yen, and so on!
The cross section is also like wheat bread!

The bread dough is sticky but crispy, and when lightly toasted, it becomes crispy and savory.
The bread is also gently seasoned, which seems to have been calculated to enhance the deliciousness of the bread dough.

The biscotti has a nostalgic taste and is made with almonds. The biscotti is not too sweet, so you can’t help but reach for another one….

Breads are available with food at Cauldra, and there is also a special “Afternoon Bread Plate Set” (2,000 yen) that includes a variety of breads and desserts.

The fact that two drinks are included is a kindness ^^

What a joy to have a bakery in town that even those who refrain from consuming wheat can feel free to stop by.

It was truly an impression of a bread and snack store that seemed to have been brought to us by an “angel.

Hagi no Shoten is a café-restaurant in town that brings smiles to everyone’s faces!

A warm, hand-painted board. People on the street can be seen looking at it.

Not only wheat, but also dairy NG, egg NG, everyone can enjoy together.
Hagi no Shoten is a warm store that will be there for you in your daily life.

It opens at 8:00 a.m., so feel free to stop by for morning breakfast, take out bread, lunch, tea, early dinner, or even a home party with delivery (*1), depending on your mood of the day.

Coming here brings a smile to everyone’s face…perhaps it is not only the joy of being free from food inconvenience, but also the attentive care of the owner and his wife, and the soft and gentle service.

This is the end of our report on Hagi no Shoten (^^)
Thank you for reading to the end.

*1The delivery service “wolt” is available.

2 Food allergies may not be catered for depending on the severity. Please inquire at the restaurant if you are concerned.
3 The menu and menu prices introduced in this article are current as of September 2023.

Hagi no Shoten [Cauldra. and Tenshi-no Oyatsu] Store Information

store nameHagi no Shoten [Cauldra. and Tenshi-no Oyatsu]
Address1F, 1002-14, Minami 3-jo Nishi 10-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo Open Map
Access to・Sapporo City Subway Tozai Line “Nishi 11-chome” Station, Exit 4, 5 minutes on foot.
・4 minutes walk from Sapporo City Tram “Chuo Kuyakusho Mae” Station
・1 minute walk from Jotetsu Bus “Chuo Kuyakusho Mae” bus stop.
Business Hours8:00~18:00(LO:17:30)
regular closing dayWednesdays and Sundays
Please also check the official SNS for hours of operation and holidays.
parking lotNo parking lot / ¥220 ticket for Times parking lot nearby for customers who spend more than ¥2,000.
cashless paymentVarious credit cards accepted
Number of seats15 seats
accompanied by childrenOK
Official websitehttps://hagino-shop.main.jp/
Official SNSLINE
To reserve or reserve bread, click here.
・Hagi no Shoten (click here for information about the store)
・Tenshi no Oyatsu @ maker Sasaya (information on allergies and other thoughts of the maker)
External site
(Hot Pepper Gourmet)
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