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Developed by a rice farmer! Excellent gluten-free crepes “SAPEUR cafe creperiz ” [Shiroishi Ward].

サプールカフェクレープリ CafeRestrant

Crepes with cream and fruit rolled in a thinly baked crust are very popular among men and women of all ages.
While wheat flour is the most common ingredient for crepes, did you know that crepes made with rice flour are gradually gaining attention for their delicious taste that rivals that of wheat?
This time, we would like to introduce SAPEUR cafe creperiz, the second completely gluten-free rice-flour crepe store opened in Sapporo’s Shiroishi Ward by a rice farmer from Rangetsu Town. The shop is located in Sapporo’s Shiroishi Ward.

Popular rice-flour crepe store in Niseko area finally opens in Sapporo

Date photographed: March Approximately a 4-minute walk from Nango 18-chome Station on the Subway Tozai Line. Across the street is the Co-op Sapporo Lucy store.

The first store, cafe crepe riz, opened in March 2021 in the town of Kutchan in the Niseko region. The founder is the fifth generation of Kimura Farm, which has been growing rice for 130 years in Ranketsu Town, known as one of the best rice-producing areas in Hokkaido.

The fourth generation’s rice “Yumepirika” was made into rice flour, and the fifth generation researched and developed a completely gluten-free rice flour crepe that quickly gained a reputation and became a local favorite.

Not only are the crepes made with rice flour from our own farm, but we are also particular as much as possible about the ingredients we use, such as pure whipped cream without additives and homemade rice flour custard, which is the characteristic and appeal of Cafe Crepli.

The second store, SAPEUR cafe creperiz, will open in Sapporo in November 2023.
The crepe menu, which inherits the concept of the first store down to the way it is made and the ingredients used, has already become a hot topic of conversation and has been featured in local magazines and on TV.

Incidentally, the name of the restaurant, “Sapeur,” refers to a group of peace- and fashion-loving gentlemen in the Republic of Congo.

They love peace and fashion and have a philosophy of “not fighting because their clothes get dirty. We were so impressed by them that we got them for our name!
cafe crepe riz From official Instagram


The name of the restaurant was given in the hope that it would “become a beloved part of the community like Sapur.”
That’s a very nice origin.

A list of enticing menu items! Most popular is chocolate banana cream

The basic eight lines. Seasonal and topping menus are also available.

Enter the restaurant and order at the counter in front and pay first.
There is a relaxing cafe space (17 seats), so if you have time, eating in is highly recommended. You can enjoy freshly made products.

Eight basic base menus plus seasonal menu items. Seemingly simple, but infinitely customizable! I’m torn~!

The basic menu consists of eight different types, starting with a basic buttery type, followed by banana, strawberry, blueberry, cream cheese, Japanese, Nutella (hazelnut chocolate paste), and food items, with seasonal items added.
On the day of our visit, “Caramel apple and cinnamon” (850 yen), “Baked sweet potato and W cream” (850 yen), and “Hojicha sugar butter” (650 yen) were available for a limited time.

Each one can be customized with a choice of cream (pure fresh or custard), or with a double layer of cream, or with a different type of sauce, etc. In addition, other ingredients and sauces can also be added as toppings.
You can also change the dough base from plain to matcha, chocolate, or seasonal menu dough.

By the way, the store’s most popular item is the
“chocolate banana W cream” (750 yen)!
It’s definitely delicious!

SAPEUR cafe creperiz From official Instagram

In fact, the drinks served with the crepes at this store are not just ordinary (laugh).

It is rare to find a store where you can choose “organic Japanese black tea” for black tea.There is a wide variety of Japanese and herbal teas, and organic coffee is also available. The latte base is not only coffee, but also black tea, hojicha, matcha, and chocolate (⊙ˍ⊙).

The lineup is in line with the concept of the restaurant while responding to various tastes and needs.
This is exactly the kind of care that allows everyone from small children to the elderly to enjoy eating and drinking together.

The author ordered the “Blueberry W Cream” (750 yen)!

This time, the author ordered the “Blueberry W Cream” (750 yen).


I was curious about the combination with cream cheese, but I still want to try the pure cream and custard!

You can eat it as is with your hands, but on this day I shared it with my companion, so we cut it into pieces with a knife and fork.
(I’ll refrain from showing a picture because it doesn’t look pretty)

The first bite is a savory taste of crepe dough baked at a high temperature to a crisp. It is crispy and glutinous, but because it is thinly baked, it has a very crisp and light texture.
Then, I took a second bite.The sweet and sour blueberries fill the mouth with a combination of mildly milky pure fresh cream and rice flour custard.

Both creams are light and not too sweet, so the blueberries stand out well and are delicious. I kept on eating and finished it in short bursts.

The fresh cream used here is Yotsuba’s “Nekushiro Junsei 38%”, which is 100% fresh milk from the Nekushiro plateau (between Nemuro and Kushiro), the largest dairy farming area in Hokkaido.
Since it is for commercial use, it is not available to the general public, so please enjoy its delicious taste at the restaurant.

Sharing is fun too!

The ability to share crepes is one of the best things about eat-in!

The image on the left is the “Blueberry W Cream” ordered by the author. Next, my companion ordered “Chocolate Dough with Strawberry W Cream” (800 yen + 100 yen) at the back and “Prosciutto Cheese Egg” (680 yen) at the right.

The drinks in wine glasses pictured together are Organic Coffee (¥450) and Organic Rooibos Green (¥500).
Both are hot, but served in such nice glasses.

Left: Strawberry W cream chocolate dough Right: Cured ham cheese egg

The strawberry W cream with chocolate dough customization is a great value because it includes crushed chocolate inside. (The combination of the tartness of fresh strawberries and chocolate dough is irresistibly delicious.

The meal-type prosciutto cheese eggs are also delicious. The cheese seared on the burner is savory and goes well with the crispy crepe batter, making it a perfect light lunch.

The image on the right shows the “Hojicha Latte with Cream” (600 yen) that my companion ordered.

The hojicha flavor was more pronounced than I expected and balanced well with the cream, which I quite liked.
The organic coffee is a robust, full-bodied type, but sweet and mellow on the palate.
Organic Rooibos Green is easy to drink with a clean and refreshing taste with a suppressed rooibos specific flavor.

These are my thoughts on sharing three different orders from three different people.

You can watch the crepes being baked from outside the counter. However, be careful not to disturb other customers when it is crowded (laughs).

I have a video I shot just as the customer was pulling out, so you can see it on the author’s Instagram below if you like.
Your brother’s handiwork is amazing and you can watch it all the time.

Rankoshi rice, rice-flour cookies, and rice-flour canulés are also available.

Take-out corner near the entrance

The take-out corner is lined with premium Rangetsu rice from Kimura Farm, which is also an ingredient in the crepes, and cookies and canele made from the rice are also on sale.
These baked goods are made by Momotoki, a brand of baked goods run by the founder’s wife.

As for the cookies, they are made without milk or eggs as much as possible to make them accessible to a variety of people.

Canulés are made with milk and eggs. At the time of our visit, there were three types available, which are delivered frozen, and were decorated with photo panels.

The rice-flour canele is crispy on the surface and moist on the inside, and has a different taste from wheat-flour canele, according to the company.

I think it would be a perfect snack for children or a souvenir.

SAPEUR cafe creperiz Store Information

The cat paintings on the walls are by Montopepelli, a Sapporo-based artist. Healing…

This was an introduction of SAPEUR cafe creperiz, the second branch of a popular crepe store in the Niseko area, which opened in Sapporo.

Developed by a rice farmer, these gluten-free crepes have a delicious taste that can only be experienced because of the rice.
The crepes are large and hearty, but the amount of cream and sweetness are just the right balance, making them suitable for those with a sweet tooth.

We hope you all enjoy the delicious rice-flour crepes with your favorite customization.
Thank you for reading to the end.

The menus and prices presented in this article are current as of March 2024.

store nameSAPEUR cafe creperiz
address 19-4-3 Sakae-dori, Shiroishi-ku, Sapporo View Map
Access4 minutes walk from Exit 3 of Subway Nango 18-chome Station
Business Hours11:00-19:00
☆Please also check the official SNS for hours of operation and holidays.
regular closing dayMonday, Tuesday
parking lotTwo cars in front of the store
cashless paymentVarious credit card and code payment supported
number of seats 17 seats
accompanied by childrenOK
Official WebsiteInstagram
External site (tabelog)https://tabelog.com/hokkaido/A0101/A010301/1076681/
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