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Maruyama Park] Gluten-free Ramen & Dessert at Vegan Cafe “Veggyway


Vegans are known for their diet that does not include animal products, but when you ask for “gluten-free” in addition, your menu options are drastically limited. However, I came across a vegan menu that turned that notion upside down.
This time, we would like to introduce a vegan and gluten-free ramen and a tempting dessert from Holistic Bio Cafe Veggy Way near Maruyama Koen Station.Vegans are known for their diet that does not include animal products, but when you ask for “gluten-free” in addition, your menu options are drastically limited. However, I came across a vegan menu that turned that notion upside down.
This time, we would like to introduce a vegan and gluten-free ramen and a tempting dessert from Holistic Bio Cafe Veggy Way near Maruyama Koen Station.

Vegan café boasting “fun, delicious, and healing menu

Excellent location just behind Maruyama Koen Subway Station bus terminal!

Holistic Bio Cafe Veggy Way is produced by Natsuyo Ando, a vegetarian food therapist, NTI certified nutrition consultant, and confectioner.

At the café, visitors can enjoy oriental vegan cuisine and gluten-free sweets without five pungent roots (garlic, leeks, chives, and other aromatic vegetables) based on “holistic nutrition,” which integrates the mind, body, and spirit.

Please refer to the article about the special Japanese menu of my last visit.

Inside the store with a sense of openness. Vegan and gluten-free sweets line the showcase near the entrance.

Very popular vegan ramen is also gluten-free

Vegway’s most popular staple menu item is, to my surprise, ramen.

When we think of ramen, we think of so-called “animal food” soups like pork bone or chicken broth, but this is of course Since this is a vegan menu, all ingredients are vegetable-based.

The soup comes in two flavors: miso and salt.
・Miso – “heuge miso” made from many kinds of beans and amazake made from naturally grown rice
・Salt…carefully selected salt based on the flavor of mushrooms and vegetablesSalt…carefully selected salt based on the flavor of mushrooms and vegetables

Toppings of interest include special chashu pork made from soybean meat, handmade bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, myoga, shiso leaves, ito chili pepper, and riri sesame. The attention to detail is evident in the use of chopped ginger for miso and yuzu kosho (Japanese citrus pepper) for salt to season the chashu.

And then there are the noodles. Normally, egg-free wheat noodles are used, but for an additional 300 yen, you can switch to gluten-free rice noodles made with millet.

So, I ordered salt ramen with gluten-free noodles (1580 yen + 300 yen for gluten-free noodles).

A large piece of seared chashu (soybean meat) sits in the center of the dish, making a strong visual impact.
The aroma of charbroiled, seared pork is softly wafted through your nose.

And here are the millet-used gluten-free noodles.

The noodles have a smooth, glutinous texture and are firm and satisfying.
They have a different firmness and flavor than rice noodles, giving the impression of being similar to Chinese noodles.
Of course, the texture is different from wheat noodles, but I personally don’t think they are at all uncomfortable as ramen noodles.The noodles have a smooth, glutinous texture and are firm and satisfying.

By the way, millet is a kind of minor grain.
There are many varieties and they vary in color from white to yellow, and the following image is also a type of millet.

It is sometimes included in cereal rice, etc. (Photo from Material AC)

And the salt soup is based on mushrooms and vegetables, what a surprise!
It is possible to achieve such a deep flavor without animal products.
The mushrooms were not the only thing that stood out, but the soup was a wonderful match between the various vegetable broths and the salt flavor.

This way, you can drink it all up and not feel guilty at all.

The main topping, seared soybean meat chashu pork, is crispy and juicy while retaining a firm texture. It is like eating tender chicken.
The sweet and spicy flavor with a hint of yuzu pepper was addictive and delicious.

Now, I’m sure our readers are wondering about the taste of “miso” as well.

This time, my companion ordered miso, so I would like to introduce it to you.
This is Miso (¥1980). The noodles are regular wheat noodles. (Sorry for the shot taken from the opposite side.)

The noodles look like this.

It looks so different from gluten-free noodles that you can’t tell the difference, but when you try it, you will see that it has a proper wheat flavor.
Delicious too.

And the rich hege miso and amazake broth mix very well.
The chopped ginger accentuates this addictive flavor.

Both salt and miso have their own deliciousness, so it’s hard to decide which one to order every time (laughs).

In addition to ramen, Vegway’s meal menu includes teriyaki veggie meat bowls (brown rice), veggie meat burgers (wheat bread), and other seasonal dishes.
For details, please check the official website or SNS listed at the bottom of this article.

Homemade soy milk soft serve ice cream is excellent and low in calories!

The first time I had soymilk soft serve ice cream here, I was shocked at how delicious it was.
I have never been a fan of desserts made with soy milk, but this soft serve ice cream has so little of the soy milk flavor that it overturned my concept of what a soy milk dessert should be.

VeggyWayFrom official Instagram

The only ingredients are soy milk, maple syrup, beet sugar, and vanilla extract ()
And what’s more…what’s more…what a surprise!
One-fifth the calories of typical soft serve ice cream
I’m sorry, ladies and gentlemen.

Soft serve ice cream is ¥550 for a single item, and ¥1380 for a parfait as shown above,
If you want a little something to eat after dinner, there is also a sundae (with sauce) for ¥880.

On the day of the photo shoot, we had plans to have the take-out pastries at home afterward, so we ordered only one sundae with chocolate sauce, which the three of us shared.
(Thank you, staff, for graciously providing us with three spoons.)

Chocolate is crispy!

The soft ice cream is so fluffy and smooth that one is tempted to ask if it is really milk-free.
The sweetness is quite moderate and the aftertaste is refreshing.
The chocolate sauce is also a milk-free type, so it is not cloying.The crispy texture is irresistible.
Soft serve ice cream after ramen, too good to be true (lol).
And both are “guilt-free”.

Japanese sweets are also sold on an irregular basis.

When we visited in February 2024, to our surprise, new Japanese sweets had been introduced.
Heart-shaped Japanese sweets “Amber Sugar, Wasanbon” (total of 5 pieces, 880 yen), available only during the Valentine’s Day season.
This set includes amber sugar made from homemade jam (yuzu and raspberry) boiled down and hardened, and dried sweets made from high-quality wasanbon sugar.
Both are traditional Japanese sweets, but the cute heart shape is very café-like and casual (^^).

Take-out heart Japanese sweets and Mandarin raw brownie (750 yen).

The candy-like wrappings are cute, and as recommended, you put the wasanbon in your mouth and enjoy the way it gradually melts on your tongue without “chewing” it.
It is less sweet than I expected and has a very elegant mouthfeel.Coffee goes well with it, but there is no doubt that it goes well with green tea or matcha.

The Amber Sugar had a concentrated fruitiness, and I enjoyed the “sweet and sour” taste of yuzu and raspberry rather than the “sweetness” of the sugar.

The mandarin raw brownie has a very rich and moist brownie portion.The sweetness is quite moderate, with a bitter, raw chocolate-like texture, and the juicy mandarin orange jam is a perfect match.

They were all really delicious.

It is wonderful to enjoy “a fine taste in a bite.”
We took our time and savored it.


I appreciate it, especially as I get older and can’t eat as much (laughs).

Incidentally, Vegway will be gradually increasing the opportunities for Japanese sweets to appear in the future.
Please check out their official SNS.

Holistic Bio Cafe Veggy Way Store Information

The cakes are delicious, too.

In this issue, we introduced the vegan and gluten-free ramen, soy milk soft serve ice cream, and limited-time-only Japanese sweets that we had at Vegway. All of the menu items are so delicious that you can feel the care and effort that has gone into making them delicious.

The excellent location, right off Maruyama Koen Station, is also a great point of interest. Why not visit when strolling around Maruyama or visiting the Hokkaido Shrine?

Thank you for taking the time to read this to the end.

The menus and menu prices presented in this article are current as of February 2024.
Also, if you have serious allergies, please contact the store.

Store NameHolistic Bio Cafe Veggy Way
address 2-3, Odori Nishi 27-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo View Map
Access・1 minute walk from Maruyama Koen Subway Station, Exit 1
・Maruyama Bus Terminal drop-off area, facing north
Business Hours11:30-18:00【LO:17:30】
☆Please also check the official SNS for hours of operation and holidays.
regular closing daynon-scheduled holiday
parking lotNone / Coin-operated parking is available nearby.
cashless paymentVarious credit card and code payment supported
number of seats 18 seats
accompanied by childrenOK
Official Websiteveggy way (veggy-way.com)
Official SNSInstagram
External site (tabelog)https://tabelog.com/hokkaido/A0101/A010105/1057478/
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