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Shinhidaka Town] Pira sweets’ rice-flour confections are the perfect accompaniment to a road trip!

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Although the number of gluten-free stores is increasing little by little, there is no denying that they tend to be concentrated in central Tokyo. Although it is nice to order in, it would be nice if there were stores where you could easily buy gluten-free food in the countryside. With this in mind, one woman decided to try it herself. This time, we would like to introduce “Gluten-free Hokkaido Pira sweets” that opened in Shin-hidaka-town, Hokkaido.

Here is where Pira sweets is located!

The town of shinhidaka is located between the Hidaka mountain range that stretches from central to southern Hokkaido and the Pacific Ocean to the southwest, and is rich in nature. The distance from Sapporo is about 132 km, and it takes about 2 hours by car.

You can see horses like this up close / Photo Material AC

In addition to being a “horse town” with many racehorse breeding farms, it is also famous for the “Shizunai Nijukken Road Cherry Trees,” one of the most famous cherry blossom viewing spots in Hokkaido.

Shizunai K-20 Henro Road 桜 Namiki/Portrait Material AC

The store is located on Route 235 on the street. If you are driving, the Shizunai Post Office across the road is a landmark.
If using public transportation, you can take the Donan Bus, which leaves from JR Tomakomai or Mukawa Stations.
(more details at the end of the article)

Parking spaces are located on the right side facing the store.

What kind of store is Pira sweets and how did it open?

A panel describing the owner’s background and his passion for sweets is displayed inside the store.

Gluten-free Hokkaido Pira sweets opened on April 7, 2024.
With the concept of “delicious gluten-free sweets from Hokkaido that bring joy to both body and soul,” the shop offers healthy baked goods made with Hokkaido rice flour.


The name of the store, “Pira,” comes from the owner’s nickname from her maiden name!

The owner, Ms. kusakabe, affectionately known as “Pira,” is a mother with a small child, as you can see from the photo. She manages the store by herself three days a week while also raising her children.

Since childhood, Pira says she has suffered from “unexplained ailments” such as eczema, lethargy, gastrointestinal problems, unusual sleepiness, and eczema and rashes on her face.
An allergy test conducted about four years ago revealed that she had seven food allergies, including wheat.

After that, he switched to a lifestyle that did not include any wheat-containing foods, and to his surprise, the problems he had been suffering from improved. It was a world-changing experience.

Pira was originally a nursery school teacher and yoga instructor, but after discovering her allergy, she began her own research on gluten-free cooking as well as pastry recipes. Eventually, she decided to start her own business to “help others suffering from the same problem.

After consignment sales at local shopping centers and local events, we finally started our actual business.

Pira sweets lineup

All sweets made at Pira sweets are gluten-free. Several varieties are offered daily, from standard cookies to muffins, scones, cakes, quiches, and more.

<Examples of popular menu items>

Various cookies (from 160 yen)…Cookies with a horse, the symbol of the store, are a standard item.
Various muffins (¥300-330)…Anbata muffins, strawberry and bitter chocolate, banana and bitter chocolate, banana and coconut, etc.
Gâteau au chocolat (420 yen)…Gentle taste made with refined sugar-free chocolate and sweetened only with beet sugar
・Strawberry and rice flour custard tart (¥450)…The homemade rice flour custard uses “vanilla extract,” an aroma extracted from natural vanilla.
Pira Power bar(¥270)The owner’s first choice!…Power bar with low GI coconut sugar and maple syrup. Recommended for pregnant women and athletes as an easy way to get good energy.

Some of the pastries lined up at the time of our visit in May

All of the pastries are delicious, with a moderate sweetness that brings out the best of the ingredients.
The classic is the die-cut cookie with cute seasonal designs. The colors are also made with beet and other vegetable-based powders, so even small children can eat them safely.

After opening the store, Pira says, “I was happy to hear customers say, ‘I’m so glad there is a gluten-free store like this in Shizunai! I was so happy to hear customers say, “I’m so glad we have this kind of gluten-free shop in Shizunai, too!

The store is visited by a wide variety of customers, regardless of allergies or not, young or old, male or female, who come to buy sweets. The shop has been featured in local newspapers and is loved by locals as a healthy sweets store.

The author’s favorite is the Pira Power bar, which is also recommended by Pira.
This bar is wheat-free, egg-free, and dairy-free. It is not too sweet, yet still filling and easy to nourish your body.

♪ It’s easy to eat in the car ♪

You can also taste the store’s sweets in the store. (4 seats for eat-in space)


I would like to have quiche with recommended coffee in the restaurant someday!

The selection changes daily, so be sure to check the official Instagram.

Events and mail order

The stylish and bright interior was designed by Pira’s mother, creator Fairy life.

The store will also be hosting events on an irregular basis in the future.
As of this writing in May, there was a notice announcing a baby massage x photo session with a lecturer active in the neighborhood.

As of May 2024, only “Cookie Leave it to Us Set (¥2500 including shipping) is available for local delivery (mail order).
(Please call or Instagram message for details)

In the future, they plan to expand their activities by increasing manpower, setting up a mail-order department, and holding gluten-free baking classes.
Pira also says that she would like to work with schools, daycare centers, and other institutions to help create a food environment for children.
This writer sympathizes with the hope that this will be realized for the sake of the children who will be responsible for the future.In the future, they plan to expand their activities by increasing manpower, setting up a mail-order department, and holding gluten-free baking classes.

Gluten-free Hokkaido Pira sweets Store Information

It smells good!

With the cooperation of her husband, children, and others around her, she opened the store she had longed for, and although it was difficult to work while carrying her child on her back during the consignment sales period, she was very happy to be able to do what she wanted to do.

Currently, the shop is open three days a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday) thanks to various cooperative arrangements, such as leaving the children at a daycare center and having a helper take care of them.
I am sure that many women, including the author, can relate to the efforts of the owner.

We introduced “Gluten-free Hokkaido Pira sweets,” a store that we hope will continue to play an active role as a local hot spot where children and women can easily gather and hold events.


Ms. Pira, any last words?

Pira sweets
Pira sweets

Please come visit us in Shin-hidaka-cho, a town famous for its horses, sandwiched between the sea and mountains!

Thank you for taking the time to read this to the end.

*Information and menu prices in this article are current as of May 2024.
Please check with the store for details on specified ingredients other than wheat.

Store NameGluten-free Hokkaido Pira sweets
address 1-1-57 Shizunai-Gokomachi, Shin-Hidaka-cho Open Map.
Access・Approximately 2 hours drive from Sapporo
・Approx. 50 minutes by car from JR Mukawa Station
・From JR Tomakomai Station, take the Donan Bus (approx. 2 hr. 33 min.) to High School Dori and walk approx. 2 min.
・From JR Mukawa Station, take the Donan Bus for about 1 hour and 29 minutes→get off at High School Dori and walk for about 2 minutes.
Business Hours11:00-15:00
business dayTuesday, Wednesday, Sunday
(May vary depending on the child’s physical condition, etc.)
☆Please check our official Instagram for hours of operation and holidays.
parking lotRight side facing the store / 3 units
Parking lot of “Kashiwa dance” is available for 3 cars on Pira sweets business days only.
cashless paymentCash Only
number of seats 4 seats
accompanied by childrenOK
Official SNSInstagram
remarksStay up to date on events, mail order, and other information on Instagram
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